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BecKids Lucky Cherries Green Cord Bracelet

BecKids Lucky Cherries Green Cord Bracelet


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BecKids Jewelry for Kids focuses on playful yet sophisticated designs for girls. After 6 generations of designing and manufacturing jewelry specifically for adults, we realized how enamored our own kids were with jewelry. After scouring the market, we realized that kids jewelry was either poorly crafted or overly expensive, so we set out to create a playful line of jewelry expertly crafted and at affordable prices. Our jewelry is 100% lead free, and made from either sterling silver or solid brass and coated with a fine layer of gold. Many of our pieces utilize sweet and perfectly layered enamel colors.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What metals do you use in your designs?

We specialize in 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, 18k Gold and Brass

I would like an image of the jewelry being worn

We understand it can be hard to understand how a piece of jewelry will look worn, so if you need a picture of the jewelry being worn, just send us an email!

Do your items tarnish?

We take extreme care in designing our pieces with the best quality possible and we plate our silver with a very strong coat of rhodium or gold. We still recommend you take care of your jewelry by avoiding harsh chemicals and patting dry.